Story #12: Crow and Hawk

Once a hawk lived on top of a hill and at the foot of that hill lived a crow. Crow had a very bad habit of imitating others. Crow watched everyday that hawk would circle in the sky for hours and then swooping down when he saw his prey.

So, crow thought to himself, “If hawk can do this, I can too..”
After few days, when crow saw hawk circling in the sky, he decided to do same. Suddenly a baby rabbit came out of bushes, hawk saw it and crow saw it too.

Before crow could do anything, hawk swooped down and caught hold of rabbit in his strong claws and disappeared in the sky. “That’s no great skill, i can do same..”, crow thought to himself. After few minutes crow spotted a big fat mouse coming out of a hole.

Without wasting any time, crow swooped down just like hawk did and tried to catch that mouse in its claws. But before crow could catch mouse, mouse saw crow coming towards it and moved away and because of this crow crashed into the hill and got hurt.

Just then hawk came flying down and said, “I hope now you understand that it’s not easy to hunt and neither it’s easy to imitate.”

• Moral:
Everyone in this nature is unique. We should understand our own strength and instead of imitating others, we should try to do what best we can do with our own ability.

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