Story #11: Saint And His Disciples


One day a saint and his disciples were going through a forest, on the way they saw a pond full of fishes. Saint stopped there and bend down and started filling his mouth with fishes. Seeing this, the disciples decided to follow their guru and did same.

At that time saint saw this but said nothing to them, soon they reached another pond and saw that there were no fishes. Now, saint went there at one end of pond and bend down. Saint opened his mouth and started taking out fishes he swallowed from another pond.

When all disciples saw this, they tried to do same but even after many attempts they were only able to get out some dead fishes from their stomach. At this point saint said, “Why did you filled your mouth with fishes when you didn’t know how to keep them alive in stomach.. Why did you imitate me without knowing reason??”

• Moral:
We should not blindly imitate anyone. Even if we want to follow we should first try to know reason behind it.

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