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11-year-old Girl Undergoes Surgery To Correct Her Rare Bow Legs



Bow legs

The inspiring story of an eleven year old girl who underwent a life changing surgery to correct her bow legs, is indeed a miracle to be celebrated.

The young girl simply identified as Justine had a rare kind of bow legs, which many may think will be impossible to correct but that isn’t the case.

The mischievous teenage girl who recently recovered from the life-changing bow legs surgery revealed that she can’t wait to go back to school and show off her newly healed legs.

Justine’s life changing story was shared on social media by a hospital ship that provides free medical surgeries to the less privileged people in developing countries.

According to the hospital ship, the young girl was the first patient to come aboard the hospital on their opening day. It was also revealed that she was able to walk taller with a bright smile on her face five months later.

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Bow legs

“Same dress; same shoes; different future awaiting her! Justine was the first patient up the gangway on hospital opening day – and over five months later, she’s walked back down those steps for the final time with the brightest smile on her face. Now taller and filled with renewed confidence, this fiery, mischievous 11-year-old can’t wait to return to school and show off her newly-healed legs: “There’s nothing I can’t do.”

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