Nowadays, it’s rare to see a wedding IV with a bride and groom who fall within the same age range. The groom is always one or two generations older than the bride, and the reason for this is simple. Guys hardly consider their female peers worthy of their love and commitment on account of the treatment they got from the girls in the past.

While growing up, the girls, by reason of genetic factor, tend to outgrow the boys. When that happens, the grown guys get drawn to the inviting biological features of these teenage girls and present them with a life and benefits they can hardly resist; a life and benefits the teenage boys can’t afford for themselves, let alone for their female peers.

The girls then take a hike from their male peers (small boys) and pitch their tents with the rich guys (big boys) who shower them with excess material gifts in exchange for their bodies. It all seems like fun to the girls until they turn 25 years of age and above without a guy by their side who’s ready to commit to them for a lifetime. That’s where the problem starts.

At that point, they tend to fall back on the male peers they once abandoned, expecting to be loved, cared for, and taken on a walk down the aisle. By this time, the “big boys” have made a mess of their bodies and sometimes destinies, only to dump them and settle with a lady who had all the while lived a commendable life.

By this time also, some of the male peers they abandoned have hustled hard to become “big boys”. These girls now run back expecting these guys to settle with them, even when the best of them has been sucked off by those other guys. The question some mean guys then ask is; “who are they seriously bringing this leftover to???”

Accordingly, guys shun their female peers and go for younger girls who are still untouched or fairly touched. As a result, marriage proposals are held back from their female peers, which is why we hardly have peer-to-peer marriages these days. No guy wants to be a final resort for a girl who spent her best years delighting in sexual adventures with random guys who didn’t consider them worthy of marriage. Like a popular saying goes, “you can’t eat your cake and have it back.”

In conclusion, there’s the possibility that we’ll keep having more of cross-generational marriages because the cycle is still on; except for a few girls who have been exposed to information like this and resolved to make themselves an exception. In all, always keep in mind that what is good for the goose is also good for the gander. Whatever we do will always find a way to come back to us. Whatever we sow, we reap. With this, I rest my case!!!


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