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20 Hilarious Ways To Test A Girl And See If She’s A Wife Material Or Not



As compiled by Boy

You know it’s hard to identify wife materials nowadays because of social media, wedding pressure, and most girls looking like fashion dolls. In order not to mistake the wrong girl for the right one and spend the rest of your life regretting, you might want to put a girl through these 20 hilarious tests and see how she responds to them.

  1. Ask her on a date using a Motor Cycle, Keke, Marwa, BRT, or Danfo Bus – even if you have a car.

  2. Tell her to go natural; no makeup, weave-on, or attachments.

  3. Say you forgot your wallet on a date and see how she reacts.

  4. Tell her you lost your job or you want to pursue your dreams or you’re quitting your job to be a DJ or barber.

  5. Call her up at an inconvenient time to help you out with something.

  6. Tell her you’re celibate and don’t want sex till marriage.

  7. Tell her you want to resign your job to be a worker in the house of God with little income.

  8. Get her all dressed up and take her to a fast food joint instead of a classic eatery.

  9. If you have a beard, shave it all up and bring back that strange/seemingly awful look.

  10. Tell her to courtesy by kneeling while serving you food.

  11. Tell her your mother and two siblings will move in with you after marriage.

  12. Tell her she must attend mid-week service and join the choir mistress gild.

  13. Tell her you have dreams of leaving the city to a rural settlement after marriage.

  14. Tell her to add your mom, dad, and all your siblings on social media.

  15. On April Fools’ Day, tell her you messed up and got a fine University girl pregnant. (Only on Aprils Fool Day).

  16. Tell her you’re going for a course and she should wait for you; be it (MSc, MBA, or Ph.D.).

  17. Tell her your mother will be cooking for you sometimes after you get married.

  18. Tell her she can’t watch ZEE WORLD, TELEMUNDO, and BIG BROTHER anymore.

  19. Tell her you’re saving up money, and so they’ll be no makeup artist or professional photographer for your wedding.

  20. Tell her you hate elaborate weddings and will only conduct a small wedding involving only members of both families.


  1. Propose to her without a ring.

Fellas, trust me. Try this and you will thank me later. While pulling the above stunts, let your rapt attention be on her immediate facial expression and body language, and you’ll get to unravel to the true persona of your intended partner before popping the big question. That is just how you will easily distinguish the sheep from the goats. Good luck!!!

20 Hilarious Ways To Test A Girl And See If She’s A Wife Material Or Not
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