Osinbajo Looked at Me Strangely When I Challenged Him on Political Matters –olu Maintain

Osinbajo Looked at Me Strangely When I Challenged Him on Political Matters –olu Maintain

Weeks in the past, common singer, Olu Maintain, was pictured and even videoed discussing with Vice President Yemi Osinbajo; and this made some Nigerians curious. In a current interview with the singer, he disclosed a few of the issues he was discussing with the VP.

He mentioned he informed the vice chairman the the reason why the present administration was unpopular amongst Nigerians. “When I met with the Vice President final yr, I informed him particularly that one of many causes their authorities was unpopular was as a result of that they had put anti-corruption at the forefront of their agenda.

I informed him that you just can not place your self as a single-policy authorities. President Buhari just isn’t the minister for corruption, as an alternative he’s the President of the nation, so training, finance, energy, amongst different issues, have to be put in place and folks should see a measurable reflection of development within the nation, which has not been the case.

“Their excuse might be that the situation has degenerated to a level whereby before they can enact any form of policy, they have to clean the house but nobody said that it was going to be easy for them to fulfil the promises that they made during their campaign. When I was talking to the Vice President, he was looking at me strangely and said that we should have more of this kind of discussion often. I was just telling him about the way I felt,” he mentioned.

While placing his two cents within the present state of the Nigerian music trade, the singer who has been within the recreation for over a decade, gave the reason why he would by no means criticise the brand new technology of singers. He mentioned not all singers might be like Fela. “We have to grasp that music is artwork and the definition of artwork may be very subjective. Fela positioned himself to be referred to as an artiste that sang purely concerning the social ills within the society. That isn’t just what music is about; it’s simply part of music.

“I am one of the very few artistes that would not criticise anybody that decides not to do that because you have to understand that entertainment makes you conscious about what is going wrong in the society. Also, it creates a temporary relief for you to be able to deal with what is going on and still live a fulfilled life. Any artiste that decides not to be positioned as a socially conscious singer should not be criticised,” Olu Maintain mentioned.

In the early 2000s, the music duo – Maintain – which comprised Olu and Tolu, held sway within the Nigerian music trade for a while, however for some causes, they parted methods. While chatting with Saturday Beats, the singer didn’t rule out a chance that the group might make a comeback. “Tolu is fine but he is a very peaceful character and music industry is like a jungle because it is like survival of the fittest. Tolu has got to a place where he has found peace doing something that does not have to do with music. There are no plans in the immediate future but who knows what tomorrow holds,” he mentioned.

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