You’re Not Obligated To Take Care Of Your Parents – Bisi Alimi

The controversial Nigerian gay Bisi Alimi who once said he looks forward to the day Africans will gather their Bibles and Qurans and burn them, has said that it is not a child’s obligation to take care of their parents.

According to him, the system is messed up but that does not mean everyone should not be able to take care of themselves. He is also of the opinion that no child begged to be brought to this world, so they have the responsibility to take care of the child and not the other way round.

Read his controversial post below:

“Nigerians, doomed financial vicious circle is when your parents brought you up so you can be their cow to milk, while you look forward to doing same to your children.

“I understand that the system is fucked, pension money is being embezzled by stupid greedy politicians, the same ones you worship and bow to, and there is no guarantee for old age, but fuck, the system won’t fix itself. If you don’t resist, you will be consumed.

“The idea that it is the responsibility of the struggling young to take care of the struggling old is a myth sold to you by the corrupt politicians who have stolen the resources of your commonwealth.

“Remember, one rich man among 100 poor men will eventually end up being poor. “You only have two commitments in life; yourself and your children and that’s until they are old enough to be kicked out of the house.

“You do not, I repeat, you do not owe your parents any pay back unless you are still living with them, which means get the fuck out or start paying rent and bills.

“Remember, you didn’t beg them to have sex, they wanted to have children, it’s their choice, you should not be their old age pension scheme.
“Only do it if you can and have the resources to, but even with that, know the limit or they will emotionally blackmail you and milk you dry.

“Have I said good morning already?”

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