Wife Stabs Husband To Death With Scissors In Aba

Domestic violence is an agent of death in our society today and it is looming in our generation, what beats me is that domestic violence has spread it wings to both young and old.

Domestic violence victims use to be female but that’s not the case anymore, both male and female are now practitioners of this dreadful act.

A wife reportedly stabbed her husband to death with a scissors, following an argument they had. According to their neighbour Chidex Lily, the incident happened at NO. 4 Aguatta St off Omuma Rd. Aba.

The deceased, Obinna, from Mbaise, Imo State, was stabbed, last week, after an argument with his wife got them into a fight. The man, said to be a meat seller at Eziukwu market, died on Wednesday, 10th of May, 2017.

As it is said “Anger is one letter short of danger” acting under the influence of anger is bad and can ruin ones life.

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