Story #9: Your Own Cross

One man complained all his life about all the problems he faced. He came to God and told him about his troubles. God looked at him and took him to the store of cross where each cross represented the troubles a person is facing in his life.

God said, “Choose..!!”
Man was surprised and asked, “Can i choose a cross for my self??”
God replied, “Yes..!! Now come and choose.. cross which you find best..”. Man came inside the store and started looking at all the crosses. He saw all kind of crosses – Heavy, Medium, Big, Little, Light…

While walking through the store man looked for the lightest cross there. At last he found one and then came to God and said, “May i take this one??”
God answered, “Yes.. You may.. It’s your own cross..”

• Moral:
When we face problems in our life, we complain about it. But we should remember that everyone have their own fight and what we face might be just the smallest of the troubles others face.

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