See what a lady wrote to her uncle

See what a lady wrote to her uncle

See what a lady wrote to her uncle

Dear uncle,

The difference between your girlfriend and other women you are admiring and falling for might just be five thousand naira.

The pretty dresses and designer shoes you’re complimenting sheepishly on other women are also available in the market.

The wigs and weavons you see on other women that is making you go crazy can be bought on a cheap at park N shop.

How much is a handy makeup kit? Pancake, eye shadow, liplos, tiro, dusting powder, foundation, cement, paint and crayon cannot be more than 3k in yaba or 182 pound road Aba. 😂😂😂

Invest in your woman!
There is no beautiful garden without a committed gardener. The reason why she is beginning to look less attractive to you is because you’re allowing the weeds outgrow her roses. Pluck them off and see if she won’t match up to the other women you’re admiring.

Don’t be quiet when she’s carrying her hair undone for weeks. It should bother you if she’s been wearing those same torn shoes for months, when she visits you in those shoes uncle how do you feel escorting her to the bus? Stop by the store if she’s not smelling nice, the Nivea roll-on and body spray package is not more than two thousand naira, and encourage her to be spraying it fuuufuuufuuu with the fear of God so that it will last 😂😂😂.

Uncle been broke can make a beautiful woman ugly, sometimes stroll to the ATM and surprise her with an unexpected alert, no matter how little, especially when you noticed she’s having a little financial challenge, then send her a sweet text like “baby, please hold this money for me, I love you”,..we both know that one is dash, but just imagine the huge smile you’ll bring to her face, a good woman will always appreciate her man’s effort.

What am trying to say is, make a tiny budget for her every month, or every 2months, according to your financial strength. A good man takes out his tithe, takes out his seed, takes out his savings, and keeps a little something somewhere for the woman in his life. It is our work uncle, after God chased us out of the beautiful garden of Eden He erected another Eden in Eve. Nurture and tend to your garden uncle, the grass is always greener in the house of the man who pays his water bill.



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