NYSC Member Meets His Wife, Buys His First Car While Serving

A Nigerian man identified as Jbossdayo on Instagram has shared his story with the world. The young man revealed that he bought his first car and met his wife while serving in Plateau state.

Jbossdayo, a Nigerian guy who just passed out from NYSC program revealed how he met his wife and bought his car while at his Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) in Plateau state.

The young man took to his social media page to share what God has done for him as he luck smiled on him during that period.

NYSC represents different things to different people; some see it as the perfect time to give back to the society while others find love and meet their life partners there.

Jbossdayo is indeed one of the very few people who would remember the scheme for good. Jbossdayo recently passed out from the NYSC program.

The Instagram page of the young man bubbles with activities as he does not allow his condition to limit him or stop him from flowing with people.

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