Nigerian Woman Settles Fight By Doing This In Delhi

A Nigerian woman in Delhi metro settled a dispute in an ‘unusual’ way. Two women got into a fight with some male passengers over a seat and things degenerated.

The incident was captured on a video, following an alleged racism against blacks. In this incident, two African women got into a fight with some male passengers over a seat. One of the women stepped in to save the other woman who was being verbally abused by the other passengers.

The Nigerian woman wearing a sweat shirt stepped in to save her fellow African woman and she settled the fight the Afro way which was rather unusual to the other passengers.

This proud African woman displayed our talent and settles fight in Delhi by taking off her top. She stripped herself of her clothes and dared the passengers to fight her since they wanted to fight.

That was her way of quenching the burning fire as a man was heard saying ‘Don’t do this’ as soon as she took her top off. The other passengers in the metro kept shouting as they wanted them to be thrown out.

The Nigerian woman in turn dared them to fight her since they want to fight a Nigerian woman. She threatened to fight them with her nakedness. The seat was eventually given to her as the video ended.

Watch the video below:

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