Meet Burns Survivor Who Proudly Wears Her Scars Like Diamonds

The story of Alyssa McDonald is touching and disheartening, she was just 2 years old when she poured a vat of boiling oil over her face, which left her with disfiguring third degree burns over most of her face.

– She underwent hundreds of surgeries to correct her face but decided to put the surgeries to a halt when she was 16 years old claiming that she wants to wear her “scars like diamonds”

– Today she wishes to teach the same attitude to others who suffered similar injuries.

The 2-year-old Alyssa McDonald suffered horrifying burns when she accidently poured a vat of hot oil over her head, burning about 70% of her face off, leaving only a melted mess behind.

The girl slipped into a coma and her parents were afraid that she would die. However she soldiered through the injury and underwent more than a hundred surgeries to give her at least a resemblance of a face.

Despite all these, the young lady bounced back to life and gave living the best shot she could. She was tired of all the surgeries she had been through and decided to let her face be.

A vat of boiling oil changed Alyssa’s face forever

Alyssa decided to put a stop to the surgeries when she was 16 saying that she would prefer to “wear her flaws like diamonds”. She underwent a 100 surgeries before she understood she had to live with her scars.

Today she is 25 years old and recalls the moment her life changed: “Me being a curious child, I climbed up to have a look and accidentally pulled the pot of hot butter down onto myself.” “The butter fell directly onto my face, it missed my head but covered my face, I was burned very badly,” Alyssa said.

She adds: “My uncle found me and desperately tried to wipe off the butter over the sink, but my skin was so badly burned it was melting off of my face”. Today she hope to help others who suffered similar injuries.

When Alyssa returned to school she was shunned a monster and children were so afraid of her deformed visage that they would run away from her. She even recalls an incident when a cashier at a costume shop on Halloween thought that her face was a mask.

However, today Alyssa wears her scars with pride. She says that she won’t allow herself to become a victim of her scars and wants to help others who suffered similar experiences to overcome their troubles as well.

Alyssa said: “It’s not your problem how people perceive you or how they think about you, once you accept that you can live life for yourself and not everyone else”. Today Alyssa has learned to wear her scars like diamonds.

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