Comedian I Go Dye Shares Throwback Photo vs Now Of His Mum & Him 38 Years Ago

Comedian I Go Dye, the comedian who recently built a golden mansion for his mother has shared this throwback photo of his mum carrying him on her laps 38 years ago as a baby and writes:

Just like 38 years ago,when #queen gave birth to me, she wore this smile, but I didn’t notice it, I never knew I will feel the real meaning in her heart someday, luckily I did on this day. Indeed God is wholesome, he miraculously played back that same joyful smile.

I wish and pray that every young girl or woman bold enough to keep a baby shall experience this great feeling in their life; the best will find you all for what you go through for your child today. thanks #Myqueen, for bringing me into this world.

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