Anambra Man’s Face Damaged With Acid Over Land Dispute

Two brothers over a land dispute has gone very bad as one of them is currently with a damaged face and almost blind, one of the brothers poured acid on the other while working on someone else’s farm land.

Before and after acid bath

The attacker is on the run while the victim is receiving medical treatment in the hospital, a man identified as Wike is on the run after he allegedly attacked his brother by pouring acid on his face over a land dispute.

According to trusted source, the incident happened on Wednesday, May 10th when the victim, simply identified as Emmanuel was working on a farm land.

It was reported that the brothers were involved in a land dispute and that Wike had raised an alarm claiming Emmanuel had threaten to kill him. Wike had reported the matter to the police to arrest Emmanuel based on the claim but no arrest took place.

It was reported that the 40-year-old attacker armed with acid stalked Emmanuel to a farm where he was working and poured it on his face.

Read the report below:
“What a wicked world see what brother did to his brother with acid because of land issue hmmmm Nawa oooo Atani Bikonu Ifunanya Amaka.

“According to eye witness, This happened at Atani In Ogbaru local government area Anambra State on 10th may 2017 at about 11:37am. It a land dispute between two families.

The land has been used for farming by the Ugonna family while the victim’s family demanded a shift in the use of the land after several years. The victim name Emmanuel born 1991, had misunderstanding with WIKE the one who poured acid on him.

“Wike called for the arrest of Emmanuel who he claimed threatened to kill him to the police but Emmanuel was not arrested. On that’s faithful day, Emmanuel went to a nearby farm to work for another man.

It was on that farm, Wike went to meet Emmanuel, challenged him and poured acid on him and marched him severally. Wike as we speak is on the run”

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