Actress Mercy Johnson Begs Fans To Pray For Her Marriage To Last

Popular Nollywood actress who was recently honoured with a new responsibility as Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to Kogi State Governor on entertainment, arts and culture, MercyJohnson Okogie has called on her friends and fans to join her in prayers so that her relationship with her husband will remain “happily ever after.”

The Actress made a list of reasons why she loves and cherish her husband so much, adding at the end that the list is inexhaustible but she just has to try since her husband’s birthday is coming soon and she doesn’t know what to say.

“No one has an assurance of happily ever after but I beg God to please help me and lets stay this way forever . Pray for me Friends because with him is where I would rather be” she added.

Let’s pray that God sustains her marriage and make her matrimony an example for all.

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