10 Ways To Know Your Enemies In Disguise As Friends

In today’s world is very difficult to differentiate between a friend and a foe due to the level of hypocrisy and pretence that have been adapted by both young and old in our society.

Below are the signs that your friends are enemies of progress.

  1. They give flimsy excuses when you are in need
    A clear sign that your friends are your enemies of progress is that, it’s either they give flimsy excuses or act busy just to avoid helping you out of an ugly situation. These are people who will keep to themselves any vital information that will make you become a better person.

When they perceive you need financial help to embark on a project that will make you become a great person, they will never help you out even if they have all you need.

Take for example, when they are in school and you’re at home, they won’t tell you when registration will close, or when a test is holding, they can’t write attendance for you in your absence. When you eventually fail, they will sympathize with but will jubilate your misfortune at your back.

  1. They become jealous of your Success/ Achievements
    Every bad friend presents themself as a kind and caring person. But it’s all just an act to look good even though they are masters in the art of deception. These are the same people who eat, laugh and even sleep together with you but stab you on the back, if you work in the same place and the boss happens to appreciate your work over theirs. This is one of the clear signs that your friends are enemies of progress.

  2. They attempt to snatch your Boyfriend/ Girlfriend
    I know some of us have that very friend who has once attempted to snatch your partner from you out of jealousy coupled with stupidity. We have heard ridiculous stories of friends who successfully snatched their friend’s partner while we have also heard stories of friends who rape their friend’s girlfriends.

When they see your partner is the kind of person they’ve always wished for, they go behind your back to say bad things about you just to discredit and discourage him/ her from dating you.

When you notice your friend flirts unnecessary with your partner, it’s better to put an end to such a friendship, because such people are your “enemies” under the guise of “friends”

  1. They always want you beneath them
    When we were kids, there was that self centered friend who always wanted to use other people’s toys without returning it, and ousted other kids from the group if they refused his every beck and call. And now during our adult life too, things aren’t very different. There are also people you call your friends who will always want you beneath them.

  2. They don’t appreciate good things
    They always have negative perceptions towards almost everything. When they see people buy new cars, it’s either they say that person is into shady business or he duped people to buy car. When you travel abroad in search of greener pastures, they will start gossiping about you telling everybody that it’s not everybody that travels abroad that will make it.

Many will agree with me that when you keep company of friends who don’t appreciate good things, be rest assure that they will never wish you well even when excel.

  1. They intimate/ frustrate you when rich
    You’ve childhood friends that have spanned the entire course of your lifetime who later snubbed and ignored you the moment they were privileged to secure jobs or gain admission into tertiary institutions before you.

Most friends who act this way despite being good to them were never your friends in the first place, they were just mere talk mates. Since they don’t want you to surpass them in life, they neglect you and mock you the very moment they have something to boast about. When circumstances push you to work under them, they talk to you anyhow and turn you to an errand boy.

  1. They are usually stingy people
    Another sign that your friends are enemkes of progress is that they are intentionally stingy when it comes to lending you money to embark on a project that will make you become a better person and this is due to the fact that they don’t want you to surpass them.

They prefer to spend their money on slay queens or beer rather than lending you. Just when you have that friend who has money and refuses to borrow you for no good reason, be rest assured that he doesn’t wish you well

  1. They mobilize people against you and pretend to support you
    Some of them can be so jealous of your riches and wealth to the extent that they will send 419 to dupe you while some will go as far as seeking solace in hired killers.
    This is why it’s extremely dangerous to keep giving people the impression that money is never your problem

  2. They don’t show up during your celebration
    Don’t get wrong because I’m not trying to say that any friend that doesn’t show up during your celebration is an enemy of progress. All I’m trying to say is that, some even when they know your house very well and you’re unwell to the point that you can’t go out, they will never show up even during your house warming, wedding or naming ceremony even though they are very much available. They will always give unending excuses to justify their absence.

  3. They always want you to worship them
    An enemy of progress can either richer or poorer than you but it’s only worse if you’re richer than him. The ones that are richer than you will always want you to accord them with high level of respect because they feel you can never attain their height.

These are always people who are fond of requesting for the gift they buy for you after a serious argument or controversial discussion.
Please let’s be mindful of the kinds of people who we call our friends. Some of them are nothing but enemies under the disguise of friends and can do anything to bring you down.

I hope you’ve learnt one or two things from this article.
Feel free to add yours in the comment box below, let’s get interactive!


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