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How To Write A Good CV



A good CV is very important because a good CV speaks for you before you’re even invited for an invitation.

Many has the knowledge, the skill and what it takes to get their desired jobs but due to a poorly written CV, potential employers will ward them off.

Today I will teach you he you can write a good CV – one that will entice your employer at once and give you a chance for an interview.

A CV has the British type and the American Type. The British type is the accepted type here in Nigeria.

Writing a good British CV

There are few things to consider when writing your CV.

1. Personal Information
This is where you write your name, your address, telephone/ mobile number, and your email address. While writing your personal information, you can choose to omit the labels.
Example: Name: HowWriter. Just write HowWriter and move on. Do not include the label. And while writing your personal information, do not include your age, your marital status, your race or nationality and do not send a photograph unless you’re asked to do so.

2. Profile And Oblectjve
Some people omit this feature. But for your CV to be really good, thus should be present because they give the employer an idea of your personality.
Objective: To find a role in a TV company  that will help me acquire more skills required for a career in television.

Profile: A fresh graduate  with a but of work experience in the movie industry.

So include these features and see the miracle.

3. Education.
You need to put your qualifications because employers would want to know your qualifications before calling you up for an interview. Put the most recent qualifications first. Also add prizes and awards won. Omit your primary school qualification.

4. Work Experience.
Every firm would want to employ an experienced person. But how will you be experienced if you’ve not been employed? Well, to help you out, you could use everything you know as experience. You could put your 1year service as a corp member and some other little experices you’ve got. And while writing, you should write more about your most recent post.

5. Skills
This is your practical abilities. This includes the languages you can speak and understand, exams passed, etc. You are free yo write more in this column if you’re really experienced.

6. Interests
This should be short so that you don’t encumber the employer with your interests. Include sports, a creative and a community activity. Avoid  ambiguous subject like reading and travelling because the employer doesn’t care.

7. References
Write down the names, titles, phone numbers, addresses of your referees. It could be written on a separate page. Inform anyone you want to use as referee before writing he or she as your referee.

Other things to consider

  • Make your CV so adaptable so as to fit in yo the job you’re applying for.

  • Make sure your CV is very short. At most two pages

  • Present yourself positively and accurately.

  • Make your CV attractive and easy to use.

  • Make use of Capitals, Spacing and underlining, bold type.

  • Write with fonts such as Times New Roman, Verdana or Arial. And use at least 10pts.

Follow the above tutorial and your CV can be tagged a s being good.

Have you written yours using this tutorial? Do you know of other things to include in your CV to make it good? Inform us using the comment box below and help me share with friends.

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