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How To Know What True Love Really Is



Its been a hell of a task defining what true love is for some people. There has been diversified definitions of true love and many among these have been proved false following what I’m going to share today.

When you set your eyes on the boy or girl of your dreams, you think you are helplessly in love, but is it really love or is it something else?

Sometimes when you notice the opposite sex, there are these feelings you notice within you so instead of pretending that they don’t exist, it is better you use your time to learn more about attraction, infatuation, and love which will be explained in this post.

ATTRACTION – what you see
Its normal to be attracted to someone who is outwardly beautiful or handsome. But looks can always be deceiving. An adage says ” Not all that glitters is gold” which means that what we see is not always what we get.

INFATUATION – what you feel
Infatuation is like love. It includes romantic feelings just like love. But the basis for this feeling is entirely different. Infatuation is like a castle built with sand. It may be beautiful but it lasts just for a little while. You can feel attracted to someone but before the end of the month you feel the same way but towards someone else.

LOVE – what you know
Love is based on well-rounded knowledge about a persons strengths and weaknesses – not on credulity or ignorance. Real love can pass the test of time. Its not based solely on appearance.

When you are mature enough to date with marriage in view, instead of following your deceptive hearts, its better you get to know the persons external image, give the relationship time to blossom knowing that if it is infatuation it will only last for a while and true love grows stronger with time and becomes a perfect bond of union.

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