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Benefits of Work Experience Every Student Must Know



The current job market is as competitive as it’s ever been, and getting a job is certainly no easy task. So it has now become imperative that you have something that helps you stand out from the crowd, and doing work experience is very important for a lot of industries you may be trying to break into.

Get to Try Things Out

A fantastic aspect of work experience is that it offers you the opportunity to test things out and see if they are suitable for you. This can be in relation to what industry you want to work in, or what particular role you want when working in that particular industry. This allows you to see what a particular company’s beliefs are, and whether you think these are in line with how you want to work. All of this will then allow you to decide whether this type of job is the one for you or whether you want to try your hand in something else.

Stand Out to Potential Employers

When you apply for a new job, it is very likely that a lot of other people will be applying for the same job too – and your employer will probably have hundreds of CV that land on their desk. If it is for an entry level role, having some work experience behind you will definitely improve your “employability” chances, as it shows you have an inner desire and hunger to go out and work and improve your career, which is a major tick in the box for a lot of companies.

Personal Development

Of course, the primary purpose of work experience is so you can improve yourself professionally. But it should not be forgotten that you can also extend your personal development by undergoing work experience. This is because you will be in a company where you will constantly be interacting with people and using your personality, which would then mean that you will develop social skills which are uniquely required for your work place. For instance, if you are working in a sales environment you will become more confident and outspoken simply by being around the people you are working with.

You Can Work Abroad

Doing your work experience in another country has all the benefits of doing a normal work and then adds the extra aspects of taking you out of your comfort zone which shows your employers you can work in unique environments and different cultures. In a lot of competitive industries, such as the medical field — going to another country to gain medical work experience is a necessity as getting the work in your own country can be very difficult. Also, the skills you gain will be two-fold, because not only will you be able to work in an industry where you will be making a difference to a company’s success, you will also be adapting to a new country and new cultures.


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