Amber Rose Reveals How Much She Makes From Her Instagram Advertisements

Amber Rose Reveals How Much She Makes From Her Instagram Advertisements

Amber Rose makes a fairly penny from Instagram.

Amber Rose is not any rookie in terms of sponsored Instagram posts for a few of her favourite vogue finds, equipment and teas. One of her final posts on her grid is an commercial for Flat Tummy Tea co (prime instance) the place she merely shares a number of phrases on the complement.

The 35-year-old just lately chatted with Van Lathan on The Red Pill podcast and defined simply how a lot she makes on Instagram per 12 months.

“Probably like $2 million a year, just off Instagram,” she confessed, after being requested how a lot she makes. “There’s girls that make more than $2 million a year, I make $2 million on Instagram a year.”

According to Amber’s internet value is value $12 million and we will solely assume her annual SlutWalk brings in some critical income as properly.

“I was going through a lot in my life. I was going through a divorce. I was very heartbroken. I was a new parent. And I was constantly getting slut-shamed on the internet, which I really didn’t even know what slut-shaming was at that time,” Amber informed Refinery29 when discussing how she first grew to become an envoy for the motion.

“I remember I came across a picture of a girl, she was wearing pasties and it was written on her body, ‘still not asking for it.’ I just started searching more, like, Where did this photo come from? What the hell is a Slutwalk? I start reading up on it. I called my team and I said, you know what? I need to have a Slutwalk. I have to do this, for every woman that has ever been slut-shamed.”

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