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Did Meek Mill Just Shade Nicki Minaj With A Photo?



Did Meek Mill Just Shade Nicki Minaj With A Photo

Meek Mill who’s at present embroiled in a feud with Michael Rapaport has seemingly dissed his ex, Nicki Minaj after he edited her out of a photograph.

Following their messy breakup some years again, Mill cropped out Minaj from a gaggle photograph however eagle-eyed followers had been in a position to discover his cropping after the unique, unedited photograph was tweeted.

Mill had shared a photograph of himself and actor Michael Rapaport together with the next caption that references an “anonymous” pal:

“Me:ayo yo who this? Anonymous: I think it’s the guy from white men can jump? Him: meek you so fire you give me that feeling what hip hop is missing ima fan ‘can I get a selfie’? Hurry up go head 🤦‍♂️.”

Although Mill did not point out who the nameless pal is, Rapaport shared the total, un-cropped selfie he took that additionally featured Minaj.

Rapaport shared the total photograph with the caption,

“All Hip Hop Bloggers & Culture Critics Who Know all about Hip Hop but have Know Idea who Sparky D is, not one of you is on my level with any of this s***.”

Rapaport’s caption was referencing the backlash he acquired on-line after slamming Mill’s All-Star efficiency. After Rapaport referred to as Meek a “trash rapper,” and claimed that Mill was “offbeat”.

Mill had responded to the diss with tweets of his personal saying,

“Aye @michealrapaport don’t ever use the word trash when you speaking on nothing from our culture unless you tryna get trashed 🤫 #2 who gave you authorisation to be speaking on us? #3 what you charging now? Last time I seen You you wanted a selfie 🥴 be great tho on the net 🤷‍♂️.”

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